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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the workouts like?

- The workouts focus on different areas of the body each day. For example: back and biceps, glutes, total body, ect. 

- Workouts are 7 days a week, with a minimal/ rest day on Sunday. 

- The workouts are a combination of resistance and weight training, we will shortly be adding in HIIT (high intensity interval training), yoga, and more!

Do I have to workout 7 days a week?

No, you do not need to workout 7 days a week. If you are just beginning consider picking 3-4 days to start with and then work from there. However, workouts are only available the day of, so be sure to plan what days you want to workout so as to ensure both upper and lower body workouts.

What equipment do I need for the workouts?

- All workouts (gym and home) will require a set of resistance bands.

- For gym workouts a light. medium, and heavy loop will be plenty.

- For home workouts, we recommend loops as well as resistance bands. Check out the Amazon link at the bottom of the page for further recommendations.

What equipment do I need for the workouts?


- If you have or wish to purchase dumbbells for the at home workouts, you almost always have the option of the same movement with weights or a resistance band.

- We also highly recommend a balance ball, these can be used as a bench for arm workouts, are great for ab workouts, and drastically improve posture when used as a chair. 

Are all the meal plans vegan?

Yes! We are a vegan company and believe in the power of a vegan diet, not only for your health, but for the environment and animal welfare as well. We have 100% vegan meal plans 100% of the time.​

Substitutions can always be made to any meal plan if it doesn't suit your dietary needs. Simply use a macro tracker (such as My Fitness Pal) to ensure you stay on target.

What does the mental health section 

look like?

The mental health section is an ever-expanding video data base. In here you can find guided meditations, monthly topic videos such as addressing your relationship with food, understanding what triggers feel like in your body, how to start taking control of your mental health, ext. There are also daily journal prompts and affirmations.

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