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  • Project FitKind

    Every month
    Access to workouts, meal plans, mental health work and more!


- Home and Gym workouts

(no more excuses)

- New workouts every single day

(never plateau again)

- Demonstrative videos & form tips to ensure you are staying safe and getting the most out of your workouts

- Stop wasting money, the FitKind is the only total-solution program you will ever need

- Mobile friendly

(everything you need, right on your phone)

- Walk into the gym feeling confident

(never again feel awkward & lost, videos, instructions, and tutorials to help you feel comfortable and confident)

- Time efficient workouts

(no need to spend hours in the gym,

get in and  get out)

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Mental Health

- Develop the habit of daily journaling to help you relieve anxiety, work on personal growth, and more

- Practice daily affirmations to fall in love with yourself

- Discover the magic of breath work through guided meditations

- Watch videos helping you address everything from your relationship to food to understanding how triggers feel in your body 



- Plug your numbers into a calculator and get a meal plan customized to your individual goals

- Get a personalized vegan meal plan

(featuring new foods weekly)

- Save money shopping from our customized grocery list

- Easily cook and portion your meals using our monthly cookbook

- Daily meal plans give you exactly what to eat every day (including snacks and dessert)

- Easily meal prep 2 days out of the week


Join Today

Are you ready to join and work on your body, mind, and soul? Join today for only $0.48 a day!

($15 per month)

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